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Lifting Belts

Marine Webbing Slings

Pull Straps

Lifting straps for hangar doors


  1. Use only identified belts. Observe the safety working load.
  2. Ensure that the load and belt are suited each to the other. Never overload.
  3. Do not use a damaged belt. Check condition of the lifting belt before every use. Do not make knots.
  4. Use rounded lifting hooks. Position the lifting belt properly. Never place the belt against sharp edges.
  5. Avoid sliding of the belt. When moving the belt and load, do not drag.
  6. Do not allow the belt to remain under the load if this could cause damage.
  7. Do not pull the belt out from under the load when the load is resting on the belt.
  8. Avoid snatch or shock loading.
  9. Carry out lifting so that the load is stable.
  10. Never lift loads with temperature over 100 celcius. Some chemicals and solvents may damage the lifting belt.
  11. Never stand under the load during lifting.